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(!Lorenz! was not on this part of the trip.  We'll get to meet him in the next part of the journey in Germany.)

Europe 2016:  Part 1, The Netherlands

​     We started out in Amsterdam.  Our first lesson was to watch out for the bike lanes as you exited the bus.  It would be a shame to have your brand new knee replacement destroyed by a speeding bike, or motor vehicle!  (I thought it was a bike lane?)

     We then toured Amsterdam city.  I almost tripped over something in the street, which turned out to be the warning sign (advertising sign?) for the Rosse Buurt, ​or Red Light district.  We managed to walk through it twice.

     Finally, some random shots of the city.  A very funky, cool place full of characters, and friendly tourists. 

     Then, a great dinner and overnight sail to to see the World Heritage site of the Kinderdjik windmill field.  There are 16 windmills surviving in this area, eight built in 1738 and eight in 1740.

We got to see the guts of a working windmill and a family who lived in one a hundred years ago.